The MUD Proposal  began in 2013 as a journal-cum-repository of new poetry by innovative authors who welcome diverse knowledges into their writing practice.  The editors of this journal feel strongly that more time should be spent seeking rather than defending and that not enough can be done to muddy the waters.  Those ripples have always been the breeding zone of relevant and necessary expression.


Any metamorphosis initiates at an epithelial level. It begins by rupturing the skin. The boundary. The veneer of separation that stands against epitaxies that in the pretense of feeling and mapping cultures actually prevents transfusion. The purpose of The MUD Proposal is to excite and showcase projects - literary and cross-media - that serve to hasten the transfiguration of one discipline, motive, tradition, medium, procedure and cultural practice into others through free-associations and meditated exchanges.


The MUD Proposal features, through continuous year-long updates, about 5-7 recent poetic and language arts projects, each with short concept documents or interviews to provide context for the work. Since 2021, as part of The MUD Parcel Reading Series, these projects have assumed a videographic format involving reading and discussion.