A black carpet road runs beside the

  existing 14 acres of land on which has

  germinated the first seed of this giant

  project. At a distance, all around this

  plain stretch of land, small land, small

  hills, silently contribute to its beauty. The

  everflowing noisy river "Satgurung"

  kisses the boundaries of stretch of land,

  at places it is bejewelled with unpolished

  stones of reddish hue.

Bhalo Pahar will boast of an exemplary

residential school. Unique of its kind,

ecology and environment will be the

basis of instruction. Children studying

in the school, will be influenced and

enthused by its self-sufficient economy

generated from a dairy, a piggery , a

fishery and mushroom culture. A much

needed Medicinal Herbs Research

Center will accentuate the use of these

plants. There will be a bakery too.

  Handloom, terracotta work, wood

carving and ceramicware will promote

cottage industry. The aim of the society

is the continuation of life, free of

fundamental attitudes and political