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Each update of the translation archive stages three sections : POETRY houses Bengali poetry in English translations. The INTERVIEWS section covers poets, poetry editors, critics and scholars around the lit-globe. The final segment is called BOOK OPENER which is an international poetry book review series. Here we review poetry books from all corners of the planet written/translated in English.


(Bengali poetry in translation)

Bishnu Dey
Bishnu Dey (1909-1982) although essentially a poet, was a versatile litterateur who dug his quill into prose, poetry-essays, cinema and art criticism. He taught English literature at several colleges in Kolkata...

Manindra Gupta
Manindra Gupta (b.1930) according to many, is perhaps the most important Bengali poet of his generation. His literary career spans more than half-a-century....Several poets and filmmakers have been enthused by Gupta’s bizzare autobiography Axay Maalberee (Ageless Mulberry) which is a path-breaking...

Kamal Chakrabarty
Kamal Chakrabarty (b. 1946) is a magician in one word - simultaneously as a poet, writer, editor, compiler, community developer and an unmistakable dreamer of the impossible. He is one charismatic visionary, who, as a poet, novelist and popular prose writer, could simultaneously straddle the mainstream Kolkata-centric Bangla literary...


Barin Ghosal - Theory of Expansive Consciousness
So, when he breaks open the barriers of his well-lit consciousness, he steps out into an unknown darkness. As he realizes his bearing, it becomes illuminated and known. It’s like a pathfinder opening up a new trail in an unknown terrain. This is the Expansion of his Consciousness. I believe, like the ever expanding universe, human consciousness is also expansive. And only after that realization is attained...

Antonio Gamoneda
Hispanic scholars count Edad (1987) as his most important collection of poetry that contains his works from 1947 to 1986. Edad appeared as part of the famous series Cátedra, for which a year later he was awarded the highest Spanish poetry prize - Premio Nacional de Poesía. Of his later books...


Dolores Dorantes::sexoPUROsexoVELOZ & Septiembre
Aryanil Mukherjee/Subhro Bandopadhyay

THE PINK/Kyle Schlesinger
Pat Clifford

We Are Here/Niels Hav
Tyrone Williams


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