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Each update of the translation archive stages three sections : POETRY houses Bangla poetry in English translations. The INTERVIEWS section covers poets, poetry editors, critics and scholars around the lit-globe. The final segment is called BOOK OPENER which is an international poetry book review series. Here we review poetry books from all corners of the planet written/translated in English.


(Bangla poetry in translation)

Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore)
New translations (part II) of Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore) by Prithwindra Mukherjee

Pronob Pal
Devising linguistic experimentation strategies based on the semantics of colonial English, Pronob took to verbification of uncommon nouns, a thorough modification of the adverbial function, complete annihilation of pronouns and a collateral of word-recombinations (including a resurgence of newer onomatopoetic usage) characterize his repertoire...

Masud Khan
...Over the past two decades or more his writings have featured in magazines in Bangladesh, India, USA, UK, Belgium, & Canada. His poetry has appeared in a number of anthologies...


Jerome Rothenberg
...All of that plus other openings in multiple directions had by 1972 greatly expanded my field of discourse. I had met Robert Duncan on my first trip to San Francisco in 1959, Robert Creeley at about the same time and in an active correspondence, and Denise Levertov too with whom there was a lot of interchange in New York throughout the 1960s. Gary Snyder opened up to me about the time of Technicians, as did Michael McClure, and others among the inner circle of Beat poets (Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso principally) whom I had gotten to know even earlier, though never as closely. (Lawrence Ferlinghetti, if he’s to be counted with those, was my publisher for New Young German Poets back in ’59.) Among older poets, I saw a good deal of Louis Zukofsky...

John Balaban
...It’s not as obscure or scholarly as it sounds—just the phonemic symbol system for representing English closely—sound phonemes, morphemes, intonational patterns, juncture. I taught in English and in Hue, the old capital, I had wonderful students before the war’s encroachment ended my teaching there. They knew Chinese, Latin, English, French, some Italian, and some Portuguese. I gave them an assignment once to take 500 words...


Poems for the Millennium (Vol.1)/ Ed. Jerome Rothenberg & Pierre Joris
Tyrone Williams

Natural Light/Norma Cole
Biswamit Dwibedi

Adorno's Noise/Carla Harryman
Pat Clifford


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