Late Night Correspondence by Aryanil Mukherjee


Aryanil Mukherjee's
first book of transcreated poems.
Introduction by Tyrone Williams
Published by Cinnamon Teal
ISBN - 978-81-906900-6-5
Cover-Art by Mithu Sen


B L U R B      P R A I S E


Aryanil Mukherjee's quietly insistent lowercase poems bring us such delights as "a breeze met long since," "the touch of language," and "speakability." His voice is fresh, always firmly both in and out of focus: "but somehow the train still / moves / dragging a chain of oblong sentences." late night correspondence sparkles.

- John Ashbery

Aryanil Mukherjee¹s poems are lush, syncopated, and wild. His particular late night correspondence is an ongoing global vigil making. From the middle of North America to the south of Asia this is an adventurous book.

- Peter Gizzi

Aryanil's poetry is filled with flights & ventures away from the specialist world into which it (and we) feel born...not to prove it wrong so much as but one event in a succession, a box that opens and closes, and no one worries whether breath gets the last word.

- Chris Stroffolino

Are translations reserved only for luminaries ? white-bearded and august ? Think again. late night correspondence, Aryanil Mukherjee’s first book of Bangla-English transcreations, combines cultural borrowing, scientific logic and everyday life to disrupt isolated systems of culture. Mukherjee’s unique practice of Bangla poetry, as well as essay writing and editing, from deep in Midwest, USA, truly mediates the flip sides of the planet for us. His work reminds us that ultimately our scaffoldings grow out of ignorance.

- Pat Clifford