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The Memorandum/MOU
Pat Clifford & Aryanil Mukherjee Click for more information

The Memorandum/MOU is the second film-inspired bilingual book of collaborative poetry by Pat Clifford and Aryanil Mukherjee. The book-length poem draws from Thomas Alea's revolutionary Cuban film "Memories of Underdevelopment" (1968) based on post-revolutionary Cuban society. Split into chapters named after music forms, the poem, in many ways and stages identifies certain themes from the film and transforms them to tangential planes of personal and contemporary reality. The textual collaboration is performed at all levels - line, stanza, page and chapter. In the preface, Edmundo Desnoes writes, "Both Memories of Underdevelopment and The Memorandum are aware that we are not only our colorful circumstance but also our individual consciousness, our inner discourse rooted in our land and its inhabitants."

Pat Clifford & Aryanil Mukherjee Click for more information

chaturangik/SQUARES is a book length collaborative poem by Pat Clifford and Aryanil Mukherjee. The book is inspired by Satyajit Ray's seminal film Shatranj Ki Khiladi (The Chess Players). The work deals with the mechanics of chess and politics in both a thematic and formal way. At times the language is opaque and confrontational. In other places there is a resigned melancholy. In the first three sections the text is alternated. In the last section lines are woven together. Often what started as longer poems were chopped or condensed. In the end, each installment was placed into the boxes of a chess grid.

late night correspondence
Aryanil Mukherjee Click for more information

Aryanil Mukherjee's quietly insistent lowercase poems bring us such delights as "a breeze met long since," "the touch of language," and "speakability." His voice is fresh, always firmly both in and out of focus: "but somehow the train still / moves / dragging a chain of oblong sentences." late night correspondence sparkles.
- John Ashbery

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